Aerial plantation
Immature Trees

Bindaroo Bottle Trees offers a range of smaller trees in a variety
if sizes starting in 140mL pots, 200mL pots, 10L bags 45L bags
and 100L bags.
• 140ml pots - These trees are up to 15cm high
• 200ml pots - These trees are up to 80cm high
• 10L bags – These trees are up to 1.3m in height
• 45 L bags- These trees are up to 2.3m in height and have trunks
up to 8cm in diameter

Varieties available are
B. Bidwillii – Little Kurrajong
B. Discolour – Lacebark
B. Australis – Broadleaf Bottle Tree
B. Acerifolius – Illawarra Flame Tree
Brachychiton Rupestris – Queensland Bottle Tree
B. Populneus – Kurrajong

There are also a small variety of hybridised trees - species are available upon request.

little Kurrajong tree

Little Kurrajong Tree
brachychiton bidwillii

The Little Kurrajong tree is a highly variable species, some develop as a small tree others as a shrub. Mainly grow to 2-3m
in height.

• It will produce Pink to deep red bell flowers in clusters occur when plant is deciduous in spring will then produce a curved shaped fruit.
• Responds to pruning and mulching.
• Prefers moist well drained soil, will however tolerate sea salt and hot conditions.
• Frost resistant once established.
• Suitable for large tubs and containers.
• Ideal specimen tree.
Lacebark Tree

Lacebark Tree
brachychiton discloor

A semi-evergreen, with patterned bark and brilliant flowers throughout summer it grows to 10m in height and 5 m in width.

• Wooly pink, bell shaped flowers in clusters on the
end of branches
• Place in a warm sunny well drained position
• Frost tolerant once established and will grow in a
variety of climates
• Makes a wonderful feature tree
• Will respond to fertilising in spring with a native tree fertiliser
• Flowers in Summer
• Decidious prior to flowering
Broadleaf Bottle Tree

Broadleaf Bottle Tree
brachychiton australis

The broadleaf bottle tree is a native of eastern Queensland. It has a bulky trunk & broadly rounded leaves divided into 5 to 7 lobes.

• White to cream flowers in September
• Suited to well drained soils in full sun
• Will grow up to 2metres in first two years
Flame tree

Illawarra Flame Tree

The Illawarra Flame Tree (Brachychiton acerifolius), is a large tree native to tropical regions on the east coast of Australia. It is famous for the bright red bell-shaped flowers that often cover the whole tree when it is leafless. Along with other members of the Brachychiton genus, it is commonly referred to as a Kurrajong.

• Feature Tree
• Full Sun
• Height - up to 20m
• Deciduous - shedding leaves after the dry season
Queensland Bottle Tree

Queensland Bottle Tree
brachychiton rupestris

The bottle tree is a native of Queensland and is highly prized for its unique shape. This tree is the king of the Brachychiton family and will flourish in most climates throughout the world.

• A tree that grows to 12 m in height.
• Is frost hardy once established.
• Will grow up to 2 metres in first two years.
• Suited to well drained, slightly acidic.

Kurrajong Tree
brachychiton populneus

The Kurrajong tree is a native of eastern Australia and is very tolerant of dry conditions

• A tree that grows to 12-20 m in height.
• Is a bushy tree with pink new growth
• Cream or pink bell shaped flowers in late spring followed by decorative fruit
• Suited to well drained, soils in full sun
• Responds to light fertilizing
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